Refrigerated counters


Refrigerated counters
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The refrigerated counters of Polysystems are extremely robust and can withstand a beating. They are available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-door version.

Refrigerators and Freezers
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The advantage of cooling and freezing with Polysystems is they can be custom made. We use materials from AC products. In fridges as well in refrigerated counters. If you would like a quotation, you can download the proposal form and send it by email.

Thermostat in Cooling Units
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Each cooling unit is of course provided with an excellent thermostat of AC products. With this thermostat you can …..

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Minisystems complete with plug-in unit “ready to use” The minisystems cooling/freezingrooms are built with the familiar “POLYsystems” panels with high accuracy and a minimal number of seams for maximum hygiene. The standard program provides 21 POLYsystems Minisystems ® cold rooms ranging in height (1800/2100/2400), wall thickness of 80 mm and 42 POLYsystems Minisystems ®-freezer rooms

Doors: The choice is up to you
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Doors are vital components of any refrigeration or freezer. Poly Roermond manufactures a comprehensive range of doors for different applications and in different sizes. Poly Roermond produces rotary, sliding and swing doors, whether or not electrically operated. In addition to doors in standard sizes it’s also possible te request different sizes. Also certain additional amenities

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Choice of Flooring Panels The unit floors are made extremely strong so they can last a long time, even when storing heavy products or using heavy transport machinery. There is a choice of flooring panels: finished off with a 1 mm galvanised steel plate, or panels with multiplex or hexa in several sizes of thickness.