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AC Products |Poly roermond bv

In addition to a perfectly conditioned airflow this high-quality piece of furniture is provided with an unprecedented sophisticated smart component:
All the components are integrated in one panel which can be easily and independently changed within 5 minutes.
Problem and solution have never been so close side by this revolutionary innovation.

  • Simple replacement
  • No call out charge
  • No mechanics charges


Execution: cool/freeze
Temperature cool: +2/+12ºC
Fridges: 350 Watt
Temperature freezer: -25/-5ºC
Freezer: 490 Watt
internal/external: stainless steel / stainless steel
Net content: 588 liter
Dimensions: 690 x 790 x 2150 mm (wxdxh)
gross weight: 135 kg
Insulation: 60 mm polyurethaan
Refrigerant: R404
Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz