minibox-vriescel-koelcel | poly Roermond

Minibox complete with plug-in unit “ready to use”

The minibox cooling/freezingrooms are built with the familiar “POLYsystems” panels with high accuracy and a minimal number of seams for maximum hygiene.
The standard program provides 21 POLYsystems Minibox ® cold rooms ranging in height (1800/2100/2400), wall thickness of 80 mm
and 42 POLYsystems Minibox ®-freezer rooms ranging in height (1800/2100/2400), wall thickness 80 or 120 mm.

POLYsystems Minibox ®-freezer rooms come with floor (9 mm HEXA floor/anti-skid) and the door is running with an edge heating including pressure valve.

If desired, the Poly Systems Minibox®-cold store can be supplied without PVC floor with a U-profile for the mounting of the wall panels.

Minibox-fridges: Quality for years:

• Flexible
• Optimal finish
• High dimensional stability
• As little seams as possible
• Absolutely tight connections
• 100% CFC-free
• Executed exactly to your liking
• Continuous corner connections
• Pin-hook connections
Ready to use

A balanced product that is ideal for storage of food and beverages, meat, fish, vegetables, drinks, medicines, flowers etc.


Download ons productblad of de uitgebreide informatiebrochure over de Minibox-koelvriescel.